Thanks to the ease of communication we can deliver your order within a few hours anywhere in the world.

1-Due to the various time zones and opening hours, same-day delivery can only be guaranteed under the following condition:

These arrive by 12:00 (local time) at the destination. Preferably should arrive the day before.

    2-We cannot guarantee deliveries on Saturday afternoons, Sundays (except Mother's Day), holidays and Christmas Eve after 1 pm or in camps, military bases, boats, ports and airports.
    For special orders, above mentioned situations or questions. Contact us.

    3-The deliveries will take place on the date and period of the day established in the order, except for orders intended to be delivered on special days (Valentine's Day, Women's Day and Mother's Day) which due to the increase in number of orders we cannot guarantee delivery at the times requested, however the delivery will be made on the desired day. Delivery is carried out by the COMPANY or another suitably qualified associated florist if the delivery location is outside our own delivery zone.

    4- The shipping costs are added to the order according to the delivery zone indicated on the website and that you will have to be select in advance. If the selected delivery zone does not correspond to the address of the recipient indicated by the User, the delivery will only be made after settlement of the difference in shipping values.

    5-Deliveries at specific times will only be made after prior agreement. Delivery periods are: Morning - 9.30 am to 1 pm Afternoon - 3 pm to 7 pm.

    6-If the recipient is not present, the delivery will be made to the person who receives us or we will make a second attempt, after telephone contact, in case no one answers us.

    7 - In case of refusal of receipt of the order by the recipient, it is considered made and there is no refund.